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Dalkem Liquid Chlorine 7 gallon


iquid Chlorine 7% is a compound that can be effectively used for water purification. It is used on a large scale for surface purification, bleaching, odor removal and water disinfection.

Liquid Chlorine 7% is a solution made from reacting chlorine with a sodium hydroxide solution. These two reactants are the major co-products from most chlor-alkali cells. Sodium hypochlorite, commonly referred to as bleach, has a variety of uses and is an excellent disinfectant/antimicrobial agent.

What are the characteristics of Liquid Chlorine 7%?

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is a clear, slightly yellowish solution with a characteristic odor.

• Liquid Chlorine 7% has a relative density of is 1.15 (7% watery solution).

• As a bleaching agent for domestic use it usually contains 7% (with a pH of around 11, it is irritating).

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is unstable. Chlorine evaporates at a rate of 0.75 gram active chlorine per day from the solution. Then heated sodium hypochlorite disintegrates. This also happens when sodium hypochlorite comes in contact with acids, sunlight, certain metals and poisonous and corrosive gasses, including chlorine gas.

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is a strong oxidator and reacts with flammable compounds and reductors. It is a weak base that is inflammable.

What are the applications of Liquid Chlorine 7%?

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is used on a large scale. For example, in agriculture, chemical industries, paint- and lime industries, food industries, glass industries, paper industries, pharmaceutical industries, synthetics industries and waste disposal industries.

• In the textile industry Liquid Chlorine 7% is used to bleach textile. It is sometimes added to industrial waste water. This is done to reduce odors. It neutralizes sulfur hydrogen gas (SH) and ammonia (NH3).

• It is also used to detoxify cyanide baths in metal industries.

• It can be used to prevent algae and shellfish growth in cooling towers.

• In water treatment, it is used to disinfect water.

• In households, it is used frequently for the purification and disinfection of the house.

How is Liquid Chlorine 7% applied in swimming pools?

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is applied in swimming pools for water disinfection and oxidation.

• It has the advantage that microorganisms cannot build up any resistance to it.

• Liquid Chlorine 7% is effective against Legionella bacteria and bio film, in which Legionella bacteria can multiply.

• Hypochlorous acid is produced by the reaction of sodium hydroxide with chlorine gas. In water, the so-called 'active chlorine' is formed